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For now, as of 13-07-2016, 377 meps responded courageously – big thanks to them!, THE WRITTEN DECLARATION IS NOW ADOPTED CONGRATULATION TO ALL WHO MAKE THIS POSSIBLE!

UPDATE 30 june : Up to 1.5 Million Killed by Chinese Regime for Their Organs, Report Reveals

After Canada, Italia, Spain, Australia to set law to ban organ harwesting in China and the recent vote by Us House of America, now Europe with the – Written Declaration 0048/2016 on stopping organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience in China– , can put an end to this barbarian practice.

Dear Meps, please sign for Humanity to send a strong signal of morality to China like in 2013 with the resolution against organ harvesting on prisoneer of conscience which permits to punish chinese Gestapo chief of the 6-10 office.

For those who are not clear about Falun gong and think it is still a sect or has a political agenda, this PEACEFULL practice of cultivation of mind and body was practiced inside Chinese Governement by high ranking officials and even recognized to save money for medical expenses until the crackdown on april 1999. Self immolation on tianamen was a trick by CCP to deceive, spread lies and daemonize good people practicing old qiqong and wanting to improve themselves according to truthfullness,compassion, forbearance principles.



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